Welcome to our farm and winery in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge

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Walk-ins welcome. Reservations encouraged.

Open  Friday – Sunday,  12 – 5 pm


Red wine making at Syncline Winery

Flagship Tour & Tasting

will resume in 2024

Indulge in a semi-private journey that delves into our history, organic farming, and winemaking philosophy. This curated exploration culminates in a refined tasting.


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Embark on a serene hike through our Estate Vineyards, where you’ll savor our wines amidst the golden hillsides.

Traverse behind the scenes with an exclusive tour of our winery cellar, gaining insight into the intricate craft of winemaking.

Conclude your sojourn beneath the ancient oak trees gracing our gardens, where an array of exclusive selections await your palate.

Locally crafted charcuterie and snacks are provided.

A truly unparalleled encounter, this tasting is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

  • Allow for up to 2 hours.
  • Please arrive at your appointed time, as other guests may be included, and the tour begins promptly.
  • Be prepared for a small hike.
  • Each fee is waived upon optional four-bottle purchase per guest.
  • No Minors or Pets, please.
  • 6 and 12 bottle Members receive one annual complimentary group Flagship Tasting.
Will resume in 2024
Beautiful tasting outdoor tasting spaces at Syncline Winery

Classic Garden or Cellar Tasting

$25 per person

Join us for an engaging tasting, a seated affair thoughtfully orchestrated within the serene embrace of our winery gardens, or in the cellar during colder months.

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We invite you to experience the heart of our vineyard and the essence of our wines.

  • Your journey will unfold outdoors, amidst the beauty of our gardens.
  • Plan for a leisurely 90-minute sojourn, allowing ample time to immerse yourself fully.
  • We offer a selection of locally crafted charcuterie and snacks for purchase.
  • The tasting fee is waived with optional four-bottle purchase per guest.
  • Our esteemed members receive an exclusive benefit—eight complimentary Classic Garden Tasting seats each year. Member tasting fees are promptly refunded on the day of your visit.
  • No Minors or Pets, please.

Blue Door Hike

will resume in 2024

The Blue Door Hike is an enchanting venture into a hidden oasis perfect for a romantic interlude or a cozy gathering with cherished companions.

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Unveiling a well-kept secret of two decades, we invite you to a distinctive farm location.

Embark on a leisurely 10-minute self-guided excursion, tracing the path over Steep Creek and ascending a gentle hillside.

A clandestine vantage point awaits you, overlooking our estate vineyards with panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood.

Secluded Adirondacks and a hammock provide the perfect perch to soak in this ethereal setting.

  • Indulge for 4.5 hours, spanning from 11:30 AM to 4 PM, enveloped in the embrace of this secluded sanctuary.
  • The reservation fee transitions into credit for your wine purchase on the day of your visit.
  • No Minors or Pets, please.
will resume in 2024
Taste wine in the native plant filled visitor garden at Syncline
Tasting Experiences
by Appointment


To ensure an unforgettable visit, we recommend making a reservation for one of our educational tasting experiences through TOCK.

During this colder season, we offer indoor and outdoor reservations. Choose between a Garden or Cellar Classic tasting. We have fires lit and blankets available to keep you comfortable.

For parties larger than six, please email in advance

For Wine Club Members, we refund TOCK fees upon your visit in line with your membership benefits.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Walk-In Garden Seating
Friday – Sunday  12 – 5 PM


Spur-of-the-moment adventure? Walk-ins are always welcome! However, please note that our tasting experience seats are limited. We encourage you to reserve in advance to ensure availability.

Once our tasting experience seats are filled, we offer the alternative of garden Adirondack seating with wine for sale by the glass or bottle.

During this colder season, we have fires lit and blankets available to keep you comfortable.

For Wine Club Members, your walk-in garden seating includes a sample of your latest allocation wines.

Wine Industry Guests

Please contact:


Locals Membership

Learn about our locals membership:

  • Picnics welcome and mocktails available.
  • Locally made charcuterie and snacks available for purchase.
  • For parties larger than six, please email in advance
  • Wine Club allocation pick-ups during visitor hours do not require notice or a reservation, Fri-Sun, 12-5pm
  • No Minors, Pets, or outside alcohol, please. Infants under age one welcome.
  • We do not host weddings, private events, or gatherings larger than 12.
  • A non-refundable gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more.
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Q: Will minors be allowed once Covid-19 restrictions subside?
A: Minors will not be allowed on the property going forward. We are offering a new tasting experience format from now on, with full-service garden seating only. As this is not a favorable environment for children, we have chosen to preserve our quiet setting as a place for adults only. Infants of 12 months and younger ( non-mobile ) are welcome with parents.

Q: Will dogs be allowed back on the property in the future?
A: We highly recommend booking an appointment with the following dog walking service for your reservation time, as we no longer accommodate pets: Rover.

Q: Will parties larger than four (4) be allowed once Covid-19 restrictions subside?
A: No. To preserve the quiet intimacy of our new reserved tasting format, we are scheduling for parties of 1 to 4 people maximum per group.

Q: Can we split our party into two to fit the seating guidelines?
A: No. As our tasting appointments are full-service, guided, and seated experiences, we do not accommodate larger parties broken up into separate tables.

Q: Do members still get complimentary tastings?
A: Yes. Each member receives eight (8) complimentary “Classic Tastings” per year. Reservations are required.

Q: Can members offer their complimentary tastings to their guests?
A: Yes. Members can utilize their complimentary tastings any way they wish. Use them at each season’s new releases, or share them with your guests at any reserved Classic Tasting visit.

Q: Can members bring guests to enjoy a walk-in table?
A: Yes. One (1) person in the group must be a member—Max 4 people per membership with each walk-in. No fee for walk-in. Just your bottle or glass purchase.

Q: Can two separate members bring guests and all sit together for a walk-in?
A: As long as the groups’ total party number is a maximum of four (4) people, yes. For groups larger than four, separate tables will be offered and may not be near one another. We will try our best to accommodate closeness, but not guaranteed.

Q: Can I sign up for the Club at the time of my arrival to enjoy walk-in privileges?
A: No. To be loyal to our established members, we politely decline on-site sing-up due to already limited seating available. * On-site sign-up is welcomed and encouraged after you have experienced a tasting with us.

Q: Do members receive any complimentary samples when they opt for a walk-in table?
A: Yes. However, due to the already limited seating available and a full-service experience, we do ask our members to purchase a glass or bottle for garden seating. Once seated, we will spoil our members with some samples of our newest releases. This is not a traditional tasting, but a few samples, aka – an “abbreviated tasting.”

Q: Must I purchase a glass or bottle to enjoy the garden as a member?
A: Yes. For all walk-in tables, members are asked to purchase a glass or bottle. Your 20% off will go towards all wine purchases, including glasses of wine. Want an entirely free experience? We simply ask you to book a reservation and utilize your complimentary tastings with our “Classic or Flagship Tasting Experiences. “

Q: How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
A: We release reservations monthly at this time. (i.e., Reservations for August will most likely open up the first week of July. ) Reservations for “Classic Tastings” book up about 1-2 weeks in advance. The “Flagship Experience” books up approximately one week in advance. Remember to sign up for the waitlist on Tock or opt for a member walk-in table.

Q: I am a member, and I still have to pay a fee on Tock. Why?
A: Yes. All members and non-members must pay the tasting fee on Tock, as it is a separate operating system and does not register that you are a member. For the Classic or Flagship tastings, Members get this fee refunded back to their card according to their membership benefits. The Blue Door fee is refunded as a credit towards your wine purchase on the day of your visit. The Tock fee helps eliminate no-shows.

Q: If I purchase wine as a member after enjoying a classic tasting experience, do I still lose that complimentary tasting?
A: No. Keep your complimentary tasting for another time, as each four (4) bottle purchase on the day of your visit waives one (1) tasting fee.

Q: Can we bring picnic food?
A: For our walk-in, Blue door, or Classic Tasting experiences, we welcome you to bring food. Pack-in-pack-out. Syncline Winery is not offering food for purchase. Our Flagship tasting does come with small pre-packaged snacks, and as this experience is more in-depth, we ask that if any food is brought, let it be enjoyed after the tasting when you are seated in the garden.

Q: What is the Flagship Experience, and do members get to use their complimentary tastings for a Flagship Experience?
A: If you would like to take a deep dive into your wine journey, learn about our history from vineyard to bottle, and have an exclusive tasting with a vineyard tour, this is the one for you. Join us for a 2-hour experience. It includes a stroll to the upper vineyard, tastes of our library selections, current wine selections, and in-depth wine knowledge from one of our top educators. 6 and 12 bottle members do receive one (1) complimentary tasting a year. ( Sign up 1-6 max of your closest friends to enjoy this experience with you. ) Reservations are needed in advance. 2 and 4 bottle members, along with non-members, must reserve online, with a max of two (2) people per party.

Q: Will your hours extend once Covid-19 restrictions subside?
A: No. We are officially Open Friday – Sunday 12-5 pm. We are available for wine sales to go during these hours. The last walk-in seating is at 4 pm. The last tasting reservation is 3:30 pm.