Winegrowers Membership

At Syncline Winery, our goal is to create grace and complexity, showcasing each vineyard throughout every vintage farmed and produced.
From the vineyard to bottle, we are here to provide our vast history and extraordinary hospitality. Whether it’s joining us on the farm or receiving a seasonal shipment, we welcome you to experience what we do in the most intimate way.
Members receive exclusive Red and Sparkling wines four times each year.
  • 4 Bottles 4 Times Per Year
  • Average Shipment Price: $175-210

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  • 6 Bottles 4 Times Per Year
  • Average Shipment Price: $265-315

Additional Benefits

  • 1 qty per year Complimentary Flagship Tasting Experience for up to 6 people.

  • 1 qty per year Complimentary snack collection + bottle of wine for your Garden Visit.

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  • 12 Bottles 4 Times Per Year
  • Average Shipment Price: $530-630

Additional Benefits

  • 1 qty per year Complimentary Flagship Tasting Experience up to 6 people.

  • 1 qty per year Complimentary Blue Door Experience + bottle of wine + snack collection

  • 1 qty per year Bottle of Scintillation Sparkling wine shipped to you for your birthday.

  • Complimentary Shipping for your quarterly Allocations.

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Member Benefits

20% discount on all wine purchases

No reservations needed to enjoy winery gardens for purchased wine by the glass or bottle during visitor hours (capacity limitations apply).

Invitations to Exclusive Weekends & After Hours Events.

Eight Complimentary “Classic Tasting Flights” per year (Nonaccrual & Tock RSVP required).

Exclusive access to private Blue Door Experience reservations.

Additional Benefits for 6 and 12 Bottle Members.

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Exclusive Member Experiences

Walk-In Garden Seating

We welcome members to enjoy a purchased glass or bottle in the garden during visitor hours,

Fri-Sun 12 – 5 PM

This member-exclusive experience is full service, on a first-come, first-serve basis, and has limited capacity.

While you join us, we will treat you with samples of our most current releases. Members may bring guests-four-person table limit.

 No reservations are required.

Classic Garden Tasting

Enjoy a guided full-service flight of this season’s wines.

Members receive eight (8) complimentary Classic Garden Tastings each year; with the intention that you may enjoy a full-service tasting flight with each season.

Reservations Required.

Flagship Tasting Experience

Dive deeper into your wine journey. Explore our history, organic farming practices, and winemaking philosophy with a fully guided, curated tasting that includes exclusive wines.

6 and 12 bottle members enjoy one complimentary group Flagship for up to 6 people each year.

Reservations Required.

Blue Door Experience

We have a special location on the farm to share with you that we kept secret for 20 years. This is the place for a private romantic afternoon date or fun picnic with friends.

  Reservations Required.

Member FAQ

Q: Will parties larger than four (4) be allowed once Covid-19 restrictions subside?
A: No. To preserve the quiet intimacy of our new reserved tasting format, we are scheduling for parties of 1 to 4 people maximum per group

Q: Can members offer their complimentary tastings to their guests?
A: Yes. Members can utilize their complimentary tastings any way they wish. Use them at each season’s new releases, or share them with your guests at any reserved Classic Tasting visit.

Q: Can members bring guests to enjoy a walk-in table?
A: Yes. One (1) person in the group must be a member—Max 4 people per membership with each walk-in. No fee for walk-in. Just your bottle or glass purchase

Q: Can two separate members bring guests and all sit together for a walk-in?
A: As long as the groups’ total party number is a maximum of four (4) people, yes. For groups larger than four, separate tables will be offered and may not be near one another. We will try our best to accommodate closeness, but not guaranteed

Q: Can I sign up for the Club at the time of my arrival to enjoy walk-in privileges?
A: No. To be loyal to our established members, we politely decline on-site sing-up due to already limited seating available. * On-site sign-up is welcomed and encouraged after you have experienced a tasting with us.

Q: Do members receive any complimentary samples when they opt for a walk-in table?
A: Yes. However, due to the already limited seating available and a full-service experience, we do ask our members to purchase a glass or bottle for garden seating. Once seated, we will spoil our members with some samples of our newest releases. This is not a traditional tasting, but a few samples, aka – an “abbreviated tasting.”

Q: Must I purchase a glass or bottle to enjoy the garden as a member?
A: Yes. For all walk-in tables, members are asked to purchase a glass or bottle. Your 20% off will go towards all wine purchases, including glasses of wine. Want an entirely free experience? We simply ask you to book a reservation and utilize your complimentary tastings with our “Classic or Flagship Tasting Experiences. “

Q: I am a member, and I still have to pay a fee on Tock. Why?
A: Yes. All members and non-members must pay the tasting fee on Tock, as it is a separate operating system and does not register that you are a member. For the Classic or Flagship tastings, Members get this fee refunded back to their card according to their membership benefits. The Blue Door fee is refunded as a credit towards your wine purchase on the day of your visit. The Tock fee helps eliminate no-shows.

Q: If I purchase wine as a member after enjoying a classic tasting experience, do I still lose that complimentary tasting?
A: No. Keep your complimentary tasting for another time, as each four (4) bottle purchase on the day of your visit waives one (1) tasting fee