Yakima Valley

Boushey Vineyards

The celebrated and influential Boushey Vineyards, owned by Dick and Luanne Boushey, are located in the Yakima Valley five miles north of the town of Grandview on the southern slopes of the Rattlesnake Mountains.

The vineyards are planted on several sites within a two-mile radius; generally south-facing slopes varying from 700 to 1400 ft. elevation. The first blocks of grapes were planted in 1980 and the youngest was recently planted in 2003.

Layered soils consisting of silt loam, windblown loess, and deposits from the Missoula floods, all on top of fractured basalt. Mild temperatures produce wines of distinct character with balanced acidity. The cool, slow ripening time allow for complex flavor development. 2011 was the first harvest using Boushey fruit for Syncline Winery. We are so impressed by the quality, delicious complexity, brilliant acidity, and pure expression of fruit – we plan to keep working with this vineyard for the long term. 

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