syn-cline ('sin-klin)
a trough of stratified rock in which
the beds dip toward each other from either side

Syncline Philosophy

Our Philosophy

From the first conception of the winery, we have believed in the uniqueness and potential of a small family farm in the Columbia River Gorge. We have built a winery and planted estate vineyards based on the simple designs and demands of a wine-growing family with the intention behind every decision that our farm will become a multi-generation estate. We also work with a select group of grower-partners who collaborate to deliver expressive and exemplary grapes. As members of the community, we believe in providing meaningful employment that is healthy and rewarding.

How we make wine

First and foremost is the vineyard site. Great vineyards create outstanding wine, thoughtfully farmed, with well-chosen varieties. We have chosen a select group of growers who have allowed us to become intimately involved in their vineyard management. In addition, we have introduced new rootstocks to Washington state to best match site with varietal.

We chose to wait 15 years with great humility, gathering data and paying attention to the local flora before expanding our estate vineyards.  We continue to push viticultural limits in new blocks of our estate vineyard, planting one of the rockiest sites in the cooler Columbia Gorge AVA. All of our estate fruit is farmed with Biodynamic practices. Special attention is granted to the health of our soils, native vegetation, wines, and people.

All grapes are handpicked and brought to the winery, where they are partially destemmed, with a portion of whole clusters, into various fermentation vessels. Over the years, we have grown to love our concrete fermenters and large format oak vats. Fermentation in French concrete tanks and upright oak vats occurs for all of our finest lots of grapes. Native or ‘feral’ yeast fermentations are primarily employed, though inoculated fermentations are used when absolutely needed. Each lot is foot trod (pigeage à pied) along with manual punch-downs or pump-overs. Free-run juice is kept separate for our top bottlings. Gently pressed and free-run juices are separately matured in either older french oak, oak vats, or concrete tanks. We have sworn off manipulating the wines and have chosen to blend instead of fining. Wines are bottled either before the next harvest or the spring following. Our focus is on vineyard characters and flavors.