Cuvée Elena

Cuvée Elena

Production: 8 barrels produced

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2017 Cuvee Elena Tech Sheet

Base Tasting Notes

For 15 years we’ve been creating this special flagship wine. Each spring we begin our blending process for the vintage by tasting every barrel and tank in the winery, in an effort to choose the most polished wines. The intention is to capture the essence of refined texture. Every year the blend and vineyards involved change, yet we keep our aspirations focused; to make the most elegant and satisfying wine possible.

Rich and savory, the fresh blackberry and raspberry aromas and flavors are complemented by hints of violet and spices, with an elegant texture and graceful, velvety finish.

Archived Tech Sheets

2004 was the first year we produced Cuvee Elena.

2006 Cuvee Elena

2007 Cuvee Elena

2008 Cuvee Elena

2009 Cuvee Elena

2010 Cuvee Elena

2011 Cuvee Elena

2012 Cuvee Elena

2013 Cuvee Elena

2014 Cuvee Elena

2015 Cuvee Elena

2016 Cuvee Elena

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