Carignan • Grenache

Carignan • Grenache

Production: 442 Cases

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2016 Carignan – Grenache Tech sheet

2017 Carignan – Grenache Tech sheet

Base Tasting Notes

Wild and untamed, this wine contains substance and personality; certainly not prim and proper, but rarely are the best of times. Avant-garde meets tradition, in pioneering vineyards, two ancient varietals find a new home in the eastern Washington desert. Baking spices and earthy aromas with ripe pomegranate, and black cherry flavors cavort with a refined texture and persistent finish.

Archived Tech Sheets

2008 was the first vintage we began bottling this delectable blend.

2008 Grenache-Carignan

2009 Grenache-Carignan

2010 Carignan-Grenache

2011 Grenache-Carignan

2012 Carignan-Grenache

 2013 Grenache / Carignan

2014 Carignan / Grenache

2015 Carignan Grenache

2016 Carignan – Grenache

2017 Carignan – Grenache

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